Peça fictícia.

Hello, my name is Pedro Molina and I am graduated in Publicity, Advertising and Creation by Mackenzie. I love advertising and marketing and would like to add to your company my knowledge and my dedication, as I would like to learn a lot from you in various other areas. I have four years of experience in ad agency and have a great knowledge on Adobe package and the Mac platform.


I have been responsible for the creation of customers as Grow, Atento, Diamond Films, and participated in some jobs for Santander and Brookfield. My biggest interest in advertising is on the creativity area, both as copywriter or art director, I'm always studying

new methods, yearbooks and what's new in campaigns around the world.


I am also a musician and has worked as an assistant director and director of two short films. I am passionate about music and movies, compose sounds, write some scripts and I believe that these two activities help a lot with my creative evolution in the field of advertising.

I hope we can talk some more anyday. Thanks for visiting!


Thank you for the contact! Reply soon.